Case Study

Providing Orsted with safe offshore access

Callmac were tasked with providing safe offshore access to a wind turbine structure in the middle of the North Sea. After an initial site visit to establish the best method, we came up against some challenging and very restricted conditions. 

We had to think out of the box and design a very restricted access solution that would work for the suspended access.

We had restrictions in the width of the platform and also to keep the integrity of the asset untouched.

At the clients request, we were careful not to pre-drill any anchor points to the pre-cast slab or mark the paint work of the asset.

Race Bank Offshore Wind Farm

Our Solution

We came up with an engineered design that worked by erecting a beamed support top frame that would allow us to cantilever over the edge of the platform, then drop down below the plinth.

This allowed us to erect a safe working platform to the underside of the pre-cast access slab.

With challenging weather conditions and very limited operations space we always maintained safe working conditions for our team. Although this project was challenging, it was also a very rewarding project that was completed on time and on budget.