Case Study

Decommissioning of old road pipe bridge

Youngs Seafoods, one of our longest serving customers, have recently investigated the decommissioning of the old road’s pipe bridge at their south quay side. They are looking at best ways to decommission the bridge with minimum impact on the surrounding businesses and road networks on the docks.

After the initial planning meeting, we came up with a design for access and structural support scaffolding that will assist with the decommissioning. It also offers temporary support to the road bridge, due to its location on the edge of the Humber, we had to take into account excessive side wind loadings.

Decommissioning South Quay Bridge

Our Solution

Initial consultation with the structural engineers identified the loads and how best we could assist with temporary scaffolding support. Whilst also providing access to remove the service pipes and electrical cables that have serviced the work site for many decades.

Once completed in early 2020, a new underground service ducting will be in place and buried under the road just below the bridge with easier maintenance.